A  More Authentic Life

A  More Authentic Life

Raising 3 kids, 40 chickens, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bunnies, 3 goats and a dairy cow makes for an interesting, busy, and may I say, totally authentic life. Throw in a large vegetable garden, and six fruit trees, and we can provide most of what we need as a family.

We moved to our own acreage five years ago. We wanted to escape the city and the “crazy!” Life has become all about technology and social media. We were determined to pull our kids out before they became entrenched in the lifestyle. Most children have little or no active outdoor activity anymore. We wanted our kids to have a wholesome environment with good values and morals. We moved while the kids were small; all under 6 years old, to give them a taste for a more healthy and natural existence.

Reaping the Rewards of Our Labor

There is truly nothing as satisfying as watching your kids, frolic and play with some crazy, affectionate goats; help them make jam in the afternoon and then see their eyes as big as saucers when they see the fresh apple pie come out of the oven.

Life is so much more fulfilling when you’re able to enjoy fresh picked fruit and pull fresh vegetables from your own garden. Have you ever had fresh, whole milk from a cow? It is a whole other thing than you’re used to!

Working hard on our own land, loving the fascinating characters of our animals and their shenanigans, is nothing less than a joy. The children have their chores but because it involves their beloved animals, the work takes on a more meaningful and enjoyable role. The kids and animals always have us in stitches, laughing at what they have gotten up to. We are all dog tired by the end of the day, but it is a “good” tired. We are working for ourselves, and the little people are enjoying it too.


In this “throw away” world where everything is wasted, we utilize almost everything; from egg shells, weeds, and fermented fruit to manure.

There is really no better education for a child than to learn, experience and appreciate the pure beauty and brilliance that is mother nature. This is a history lesson like no other. We are living (somewhat), like homesteaders in the old West. Our children have never been more happy or better adjusted than since we moved to our farm.

We are our truest selves when we live an authentic life; a life with purpose. It may not lead to wealth; but most certainly, it leads to the family working together to accomplish a mutual goal. That is my definition of success!