Ride a Horse… Of Course

Ride a Horse… Of Course

There’s something about riding down a trail on a horse that just can’t be beat. You’re a little higher, up there in the saddle, than you were when you walked those same trails last summer with your kids and dog. So maybe that’s it. Perhaps it’s the gentle, rocking motion each footfall makes as you ease your way down the trail, through shady trees and across open meadows. Maybe you just always wanted to be a cowboy. Or cowgirl. (They’re both awesome dreams.) So…if you want an adventure? Ride a horse…of course.

Ready For an Adventure?

Owning a horse is expensive and time consuming. Darn it, you forgot to learn to ride a horse that galloped across the plains. Your hair flying in the wind. But that doesn’t mean your dream has to die. Glen Valley Stables has beautiful, safe horses that carry you down the long, winding trails of south Langley’s Campbell Valley Park at whatever pace suits your abilities, or lack thereof. The Stables do all the work – you just show up at your reserved time. Give Traveller or Rio or Freckles a rub on the neck to say hi – and climb up into the saddle. Your friendly guide then leads you on either the Meadow Loop (1 hour), the Quiet Creek (1.5 hours) or the Cowboy’s Best (2 hours) ride.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Book Now

All you need to do is call or text 778-710-1941 to book your time in the saddle. Bring the whole family (the kids need to be at least 6 years old to ride) or your best friends.

In the meantime, visit Glen Valley Stables website and Facebook page for all the information you’ll need. See photos of Traveller, Rio, Freckles and all the other wonderful horses you get to call your own while you’re up there in the saddle, moseying on down the trail.

It’s a good life.