Exciting time for Wine Lovers!

Exciting time for Wine Lovers!

It’s an exciting time for Wine Lovers to live in the Fraser Valley and the Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland area. More and more people are discovering the Fraser Valley Wine Region and the little gems we have right here in our own backyard.

The Vineyard

One of these little gems is Backyard Vineyards. Driving along the rolling hills on 232nd Street in South Langley, you’ll come across the Winery. It is nestled up against the left bank of Murray Creek. Here you’ll find a 5-acre vineyard of Pinot Noir.  Backyard uses it to make their delicious,Traditional Method Bubbly, Blanc de Noir Brut. Depending on the time of year, you can see the various stages of growth of the vineyard. Being a full production winery, you will also see the different pieces of equipment, barrels and machinery that go along with making fantastic wines.

The Tasting Room

Aside from a full line of award winning wines….the surprise is when you walk through the great wooden, double doors. You will find a bustling crowd of people enjoying the wine. The Tasting Room has a long heavy wooden bar made with reclaimed wood from an old bank in downtown Vancouver. The walls are faced with wooden shelves filled with about 20 different wines they offer at any given time. You can belly up to the bar for a tasting or purchase some wine. Then share a platter to enjoy outside in the picnic area.

Atmosphere and Live Music

This is where the locals have really embraced the bonus of living near a winery. On any given day the neighbors stop by the Tasting Room for a wine tasting…even if they’d tasted the wines many times before. Just to have a visit with the Tasting Hosts, who have also become friends. What better way to have a meeting or just relax and enjoy some wine with friends or have a special date? Again, depending on the time of year, it may be a little quieter and the misty rain offers a beautiful view over the vineyards. Or in the middle of peak summer season, it may be packed with locals and visitors alike, enjoying the wine, the atmosphere and some live music.
This isn’t something that you have to go on a long 4 or 5 hour drive to or hop on a plane for…. it’s all right here in our own backyard. Here in the Fraser Valley Wine Region. Definitely worth a short drive or crossing a bridge for. What a great lifestyle! 3033 232 St, Langley, BC