Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems

Do you own a home or acreage in the Fraser Valley?  Most homeowners have been forced to deal with drainage problems in their yard or acreage at some point.  The problem is usually caused by excessive rain for too many consecutive days during the season. Living in the Fraser Valley and being a home owner, you may have experienced this problem.

Rainy Season

Viewing an acreage during the rainy season is a common request for experienced acreage buyers. It is important to see properties while it is raining to see if there are any water issues. This is especially true for horse owners looking for dry, well drained property for their Equine interests.

Many drainage problems occur because of the pitch or grade of your yard. This can result in standing water on the property and can prevent water from running off properly and being diverted away from the house. The drainage problems are often complicated by downspouts on the home that don’t pipe away water being carried by the gutter. Water will seek out the lowest elevation and can travel long distances to erode the land on your property.

For most properties, there are some very definite signs of drainage problems. If you have standing water in your backyard that lasts for days after a heavy rain or if there is water leaking into your house from the patio you have drainage problems. These are very serious conditions that should be dealt with as soon as possible, especially if it involves a structure.

Home owners can find more clues; for example, if you have soil build up on your patio or sidewalk. Yellowing plant material , can indicate improper drainage.

Another cause of drainage problems is soil compaction. This leaves the water with nowhere to go because it cannot be absorbed.

Drainage Solutions

Many drainage solutions are unique to the situation. The drainage solution always has to accomplish three things: collect, transport, and discharge the water. A good excavator or even a landscape contractor, might be able to find relatively simple ways to alter the landscape of your yard so that water will naturally flow away from the home.


If you own, or are planning to buy an acreage for horses and/or other livestock, you should be aware of the dangers. Hoof problems, fungal infections and internal parasites can happen as a result of wet ground. It is dangerous to have animals in soaked pastures, or housing animals in damp pens for a long period of time.

Softer hooves can result in cuts and abrasions. It is important to avoid allowing animals to walk on gravel surfaces until their hooves are dry. Gravel may cause abrasions that can cause foot rot. Organisms that cause hoof rot, fungi and parasites will thrive in mud and moist environments. Wet weather also creates favorable conditions for ticks to flourish. Be vigilant in the proactive care of your animals to save them extreme discomfort or even death from infections.

Drainage Inspections

Having a good home inspection before you purchase acreage is essential.  Prevention is paramount. Checking those drain tiles, walking and inspecting the entire property for moisture or the telltale signs of water pooling is essential.  Staying on top of the situation will save future damage as things can change.  For example, a new development near an established neighborhood can and has affected properties in the past. Notify authorities at your local city hall if this happens.  The sooner the better, so engineers can work to fix the issues before you lose your valuables.

Improper or insufficient drainage on your property can mean expensive improvements being necessary over the years. Drainage problems need to be dealt with early and properly. Investing in correcting any drainage issues present today will save you double or even triple the cost several years from now.