The Benefits Of Owning Goats

The Benefits Of Owning Goats

The benefits of owning goats are numerous. According to some historians, goats were the first animals to ever to be domesticated, even before dogs.Goats respond lovingly to human attention and make wonderful pets. But they are so much more…

The goat population around the world is on the increase. They are friendly, intelligent, hardy, and versatile. Most importantly, they are extremely useful animals. There are many personal as well as economic benefits to owning goats.


First of all, there are misconceptions that exist about goats. People think that goats have an offensive odor. This is because of the odor of the buck during breeding season.The doe, however, is an extremely clean animal. The doe and the buck are both scrupulously clean in their eating habits. Unclean food will be rejected unless a goat is starving.They are actually more selective eaters than cows, sheep, pigs and dogs. They do NOT eat tin cans or garbage! 


 Female goats (doe) convert a wide range of vegetation into milk. The dairy goat produces copious amounts of milk when provided with a diet of good hay, adequate pasture, grain and water. Goats utilize a wider variety of plants than either sheep or cows. Goat’s milk is higher in Calcium, Vitamin C and Niacin than cow’s milk.Their milk is easily digestible and less allergenic that cow’s milk. A variety of dairy products are produced from goat’s milk.

Soap and Cream

Goat’s milk can be made into soap and cream which has long been used as a moisturizing treatment for dry, itchy skin. Cleopatra bathed in it!

The milk is extremely beneficial for a number of skin conditions: including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamins B-1, B-3 and B-12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Calcium, Phosphorous, naturally occurring Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and many other trace elements. The ph of goat’s milk is very close to that of human skin. Skin is able to maintain a healthy barrier to environmental bacteria. 


Goat’s meat is a good source of protein for many cultures. Eaten by rural populations around the world, the meat is higher in protein than most other meats.The fat and cholesterol content is lower than beef, pork or chicken.

 Environmental Benefits

Goats are able to survive in many diverse climates where larger domestic animals cannot.

When pasturing is properly managed, goats are an efficient way to clear brush. This is both cost effective and environmentally responsible when reduction in the use of herbicides, leads to health benefits.

Skins and Coats

Goats are valued for their excellent skins and therefore, millions of dried goat skins are used in Canada and around the world.

Angora goats are bred for their coats and used for cashmere production. The fiber provides mohair/cashmere for use in a wide range of products worldwide.The current trend toward using natural fibers for hand spinning has stimulated the market.


Manure production, is yet another of the many important benefits of owning goats. Goat manure is beneficial to gardeners and farmers. The average goat can produce a ton of manure in a single year. Because the feces are in pellet form, they can be easily collected and distributed. Goat manure is a good source of nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and other minerals. Benefits will depend upon what they are fed. Consequently goat manure is an excellent fertilizer.


In conclusion, small farm owners appreciate the economics of having a dairy goat for milk and goats for meat supply (with the side dividend of fertilizer).  See for more information.

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